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        Translated Description: Shanghai Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. specializes in Europe and the United States customer inspection plant, social responsibility system certification consulting services. Since the establishment of the company, has been focused on a factory to help thousands of factories successfully passed the inspection plant, access to foreign trade orders. The company has senior counselor team, and nearly thousands of factory experience, understand and be familiar with the operation of the factory, for different industries, different size of the factory in a short period of time to develop solutions in accordance with the actual situation, in the premise of the maximum cost savings to customers factory inspection requirements WRAP factory.

        Advisory services include human rights, quality, anti-terrorism three areas, customers throughout East China, Southern China, North China and other regions. To help thousands of factories by general COC factory (such as Wal-mart, Disney, Tesco, Target, Kmart-Sears, Costco, Adidas, Nike, Coca-cola, Guess, Macy, Kohl 's' s, Levi' s, Gap, Decathlon, Jcpenney, Chicos, Kellword, Marks&amp;Spencer, Mattel, Office, Depot, Umbro) factory and SA8000, WRAP, ICTI, EICC, BSCI, ETI, AVE, C-TPAT system certification Woermayan factory. The industry: textiles, clothing, bags, footwear, apparel, home textiles, leather goods, toys, gifts, paper products, wood products, food, stainless steel, mould, hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, printing factory consulting.

        1.jpgProfessional advantageProfessional advantage    1-1.png            One of the earliest inspection plant in China, a full range of factory inspection one-stop service to ensure that through the factory.
        2.jpgCultural advantageCultural advantage   1-1.png           Establish a good relationship with the industry, and the domestic major inspection plant fair line to maintain good relations of cooperation, jointly help enterprises Teng.

        3.jpgTechnical advantageTechnical advantage            1-1.png

                  Each factory consultant has more than three years of qualification, to ensure that the team professional genes, to provide a full range of factory inspection services.


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        Thank you for your coming to Shanghai Ming Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., if you have the intention of cooperation, please leave us a message or use the following ways to contact us, to provide you with the most sincere service, thank you.


        1460432823435309.png: [email protected]

        1460432837568794.png:Shanghai City, Qingpu District, the 2799 Lane Qing Ping Road, the 1310 (Pearl River International Center)


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